Hello, and Greetings

A blog’s first post is a tricky beast, so we’ll keep this short. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out who we are in the days and weeks ahead.

First, why are we writing this blog? The simple answer is: because we believe we’ve got some interesting things to say. Granted, most people think they have interesting things to say, but that certainly doesn’t mean they should start a blog. Are we presumptuous and conceited to think that we are among the chosen few who should blog about their daily lives? Perhaps, absolutely. But the thing about blogs is that writing one doesn’t mean you deserve to be read. So you’ll have to decide.

In order to distinguish our blog from the indistinguishable masses, we are operating under two governing principles we hope will make our posts more worthwhile and enjoyable. Our first governing principle is this: we will only write about what interests us. This seems self-indulgent, and of course it is. But we’re also thinking of you, because we firmly believe that we can only write well when writing about topics that interest us. And nobody wants to read a poorly-written blog.

Our topics might include books, sports, being a house-spouse, Baltimore, the first year of marriage, food, the law, the problems and virtues of the judicial system and lawyers in general, personal ruminations, and reactions to the circumstances in which we find ourselves (which might be triggered by interesting articles we find on the internet, situations at the gym, commuting, recent Supreme Court cases, and so on and so forth). Topics will most likely NOT include shopping, pop music, videogames, wine, or dating.

Our second governing principle, which is closely related to the first, is that we will only write about what we know. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the internet; if you want to read about things that we know nothing about, consult them because we won’t be writing about them. We’re sticking to what we know. This accords with governing principle number one because you can’t write well about topics you know nothing about.

For the impatient readers who want to know a little bit about us right now, at the very beginning, here you go: we are twenty-five years old, and we met during our first week of law school. We went on our first date two weeks later. After a moderately charming, occasionally awkward, and somewhat tumultuous beginning to our courtship, we fell in love the following July. We graduated from law school this past May and married in August (in the most beautiful, flower-filled, relaxed backyard wedding you could ask for, if we do say so ourselves). Now we live in Baltimore. Tanner works for the Maryland Judiciary, and Carolyn works for the U.S. Department of Justice in DC. We miss taking classes together and hanging out all day long. We spend our free time reading what we hope are good books, reading what we know are just enjoyable books, watching sports, cooking, pursuing a classical education, and putzing around Baltimore. We hope someday to add golfing (for Tanner) and swimming (for Carolyn) to this list. In addition to love, that is most of what we know, plus a lot of history, political science, and philosophy.

And that’s about it.

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