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My Solution(s) To My Work World Problems

Apparently, it’s no secret that my millennial generation is entitled. I’m sure my last blog post, had we any readers, would have caused many of them to shake their heads, stroke their chins, and mutter self-righteously about our entitled generation. … Continue reading

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I’m Done With The Work World

Aside from the almost three week long government shut down, I have now been working for almost three months. I don’t like it at all. It’s ironic, really, that I’m in this position. For years, my parents instructed me to … Continue reading

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Please, Congress, Build Us More Prisons

This post reflects my own personal views and not the views of DOJ or any other federal agency.  Our prisons have serious problems: they’re overcrowded; they confine far too many non-violent offenders for far too long, and our methods of … Continue reading

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Stoner: A Book Review

Have you ever heard of the novel Stoner, by John Williams? Chances are you haven’t. I stumbled across it in law school while reading a blog, bought it on an impulse, and ever since it has been my favorite novel.* … Continue reading

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What’s Your Name, Again?

Exactly three months ago, Tanner and I were floating in the waters off the Gulf of Mexico in Anna Maria Island, Florida. We were chuckling to ourselves over how successful the wedding had been: it hadn’t rained; the weather had … Continue reading

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The Food Market: A (Restaurant) Review

Sometimes, when a restaurant experience goes awry, it’s easy to tell what went wrong. The steak was overcooked. The service was lousy. The couple next to you spent the entire night talking loudly about vasectomies. In those instances, when you … Continue reading

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A Day of Grocery Stores

When you enter a grocery store, you’re hit with smells–coffee beans, spices, fish from the fish counter, bread from the baker–and the endless possibilities of all the different foods you might buy. I love this experience, and I love going … Continue reading

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Why It’s Time to Betray My Iowa Heritage (Sort of)

I’ve always loved the idea of the Iowa caucuses. They conjure an image, don’t they? You can see them now, those gentle, unassuming Iowans shuffling through the snow on their way to the local library or high school gymnasium; presidential … Continue reading

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How Many Homes Do You Have?

Last weekend, Tanner and I went “home” to hang out with my youngest sister and watch the family dog while my parents went to a conference in Pittsburgh. It was a wonderful weekend: Elizabeth catered to our every need by … Continue reading

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The Delights of a Home Team Announcer

I had brought my dad’s radio onto the golf course. It was a brisk October Saturday in 2002–a football Saturday–which meant I had the course to myself. I was 14 years old. On such days in my hometown of Iowa … Continue reading

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