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The Vatican Shifts: It’s All About the Love

Thomas Jefferson thought Jesus was the world’s greatest moral philosopher. Jefferson scoured versions of the New Testament in four different languages, highlighted and cut out everything Jesus said about morality, love, and goodness … and excised all the passages about … Continue reading

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What’s “Free” About Free Throws?

There is something disarming, even inviting, about shooting a free throw in basketball. You take your shot, standing still, a mere 15 feet away from the hoop. No one’s guarding you, and you can take your time. Free throws lend … Continue reading

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Searching for a Christmas Tree

Since Thanksgiving, I’ve seen a plethora of pictures on Facebook from newly married friends and acquaintances posting evidence of their “First Christmas tree,” their “First Picture of the First String of Lights on their Front Porch of their First Home,” … Continue reading

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Get Thee to the Deep

This past Saturday was “dollar day” at the National Aquarium here in Baltimore, so of course Carolyn and I had to take advantage. Because, really, who isn’t fascinated by aquatic life? I mean that sincerely: is there a single person … Continue reading

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The Power of Two Degrees (Celsius)

In 2007, scientists at National Geographic predicted that if we failed to make drastic, global-scale changes to our environmental behavior by 2014, the damage would be irreversible: fundamental characteristics of the environment—such as a raised sea level; damage to the … Continue reading

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When Law School Means Something

For some law students, going to law school is about networking and honing the practical skills required to function as a lawyer. While these are important things to master if one wishes to, you know, become a lawyer, for me, … Continue reading

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Brooklyn: A Book Review

Tanner sips books; I inhale them. While Tanner pauses to re-read beautiful sentences multiple times, I rush happily along past those sentences, trying to fall more deeply and more viscerally into the story. For that reason, every time I open … Continue reading

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A New Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but given that Carolyn has been churning out a manifesto over the past few days, we haven’t had a chance to write about it. So, consider this our Thanksgiving Post. Last Wednesday, Carolyn and I … Continue reading

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