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Make Our Own Hope: Participate in the Big Block of Cheese Day

Several months ago, I wrote about the dangers of climate change. I concluded by saying that although we’re all in a lot of trouble if we don’t change our behavior, we’re unlikely to do so because the financial incentives aren’t … Continue reading

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First Comes Marriage, then Comes … a House?

As you may know by now, Carolyn and I have been living in Baltimore since September, in a little apartment in the lovely neighborhood of Mount Vernon. We love the place; we love Mount Vernon; we love everything about where … Continue reading

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The Power of an Orange

One day in my 8th grade CCD class, the teacher brought in oranges for each of us. As we cut them up, he led us on a tour through the anatomy of the orange. For a half hour, he eloquently … Continue reading

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Why Snow Days Only Get Better

At 4 pm yesterday—it was Martin Luther King Day, so we were both off work—Carolyn and I, after hearing that snow was in the forecast for Tuesday (today), started checking the weather updates. We got more obsessive as it got … Continue reading

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What We’re Cooking: Whole Wheat Bread

When we first started this blog, we thought maybe we would write about cooking. As it turns out, though, there are a hundred million cooking blogs out there, and all of those bloggers cook (and photograph) a heck of a … Continue reading

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Hats, Bonnets, and Baseball Bats

America is a big, wild place. There are lots of different kinds of people here. That is a truism, of course (haven’t we all heard enough about “diversity” already?). But occasionally, you’ll read a book or an article, or hear … Continue reading

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Friendless–but Searching–in Baltimore

It is safe to say that both Tanner and I harbor somewhat of a hibernation streak. Given our druthers—no matter how much we exhort ourselves to be social—we tend to stay in. And, well, why wouldn’t we? We think (although … Continue reading

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A Hall of Fame Game, Part Two

As you might have already heard, the 2014 Hall of Fame results are now in. The Baseball Writers have spoken. In the end, three players—out of the 36 on the ballot—received the requisite 75% of votes and will be inducted … Continue reading

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A Hall of Fame Game

This post is eventually going to turn into a list of my baseball Hall of Fame choices, but first here’s a little story for you. There are things we do as kids that can appear odd in retrospect. When I … Continue reading

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Not Quite a Fan

Last weekend, in anticipation of the Eagles-Cowboys playoff-clinching game, my brother challenged my sister: “Can you name every single Eagles offensive player?” Confident that she could name everyone but, possibly, an offensive lineman or two, my sister picked up the … Continue reading

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