And Just Like That

We’re back (sort of). Congratulations on reaching the New Year, and we hope you’re well on your way towards successfully fulfilling all of your proverbial New Year’s resolutions (a cheeky post on that is forthcoming). As you may have noticed, we’ve taken a break from posting of late. It’s easy to claim we’ve just been too busy—what with family visits, travelling, eating lots of candy and delicious holiday food and all that—but, if we’re being honest, we’ve been a little lazy. Lazy, and suffering from the ennui of not being able to enjoy, for the first time in our lives, a luxurious four-week-long winter break.

So it goes. In any case, we’ve been feeling a little antsy and slightly less intelligent, and it’s (almost) time for all that to end and for us to return to our keyboards. We’ve got some (hopefully) interesting blog posts in the making, with topics ranging from football to friendship to Amish softball games (seriously). Here’s a short teaser:

(1) An NFL playoffs post (Carolyn’s Eagles are playing tomorrow against the Saints)

(2) The crazed nonchalance of Baltimore pedestrians

(3) The difficulties of making friends after school

(4) A rundown of baseball’s Hall of Fame candidates

(5) Snow days: now versus then

(6) A paean to Baltimore (a city in need of paeans, it seems)

(7) Amish softball

(8) Some ranting against lawyers

We’ll be back for real on Sunday (worst case scenario, Monday), and we’re really looking forward to the year ahead. Until then, leave us a comment! Who are you? What do you have to say? What do you want to hear from us? What posts are your favorites? We’d absolutely love, love, love to hear from you.

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One Response to And Just Like That

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi! I am a lurker who enjoys keeping up with you. Your mom’s old college roommate. I am enjoying your musings and the style in which you write. I did wonder how your mom was feeling after last week’s football game. Go Eagles!

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