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What Would Teddy Roosevelt Say?

During NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, viewers were treated to a mind-blindingly monotonous collection of commercials. One of them, however, particularly appealed to me: the commercial starring the guy from Minority Report (otherwise known as actor Neal McDonough) in which … Continue reading

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Devil in the Grove: A Book Review

Over the past couple of years, two incidents in Florida have led many of us to reexamine the problem of racial violence in America. These incidents were the shootings of Trayvon Martin and, more recently, of Justin Davis. Of the … Continue reading

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Habeas Corpus: Explained

In 1933 Alabama, nine black males, aged 12 to 21, were accused of raping two white female teenagers. Twelve days after their arrest, the boys were brought into an Alabama court and presented with their “lawyers”: one, a forgetful, elderly … Continue reading

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A Day of House-Husbandry

Yesterday, I assumed the role of house husband. I greatly enjoyed it. It began with the snow storm on Wednesday night, about which seemingly the entire eastern seaboard lost its collective mind, from the Carolinas up to New England. No … Continue reading

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What We’re Cooking: Real Hot Chocolate

The thing that’s the best about going to a real home where real grown-ups live is, inevitably, the very full refrigerator and pantry. When I go home to Gap, there are always, always, always, gallons of milk, purple grapes, fresh … Continue reading

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Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme, Get on Up, It’s 2014 Winter Olympic Time

The 2014 Winter Olympics officially began yesterday, and like millions of Americans, I will, for the next two weeks, race home from work each day so I can flop on the couch and watch NBC’s prime time specials with Bob … Continue reading

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A Pointless Post About the Art Form that is the English Aristocracy

I’ve been on a bit of a U.K. kick recently. The seeds of this were sown, I think, months ago, when NBC started showing English Premier League soccer on the weekends. The glorious accent of Arlo White had me hooked. … Continue reading

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The Explainer: Explained

Several years ago, I read a Nicholas Sparks book (calm down: his books are terribly entertaining beach reads) in which the main character was an investigative journalist. Readers wrote to him with questions, and he researched the subject and reported … Continue reading

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What We’re Cooking: Popcorn!

On another typically rip-roaring Friday night, Carolyn and I settled down to watch part two of Ken Burn’s excellent documentary on World War II. We had made delicious homemade tacos for dinner, and at first were quite full. But then, … Continue reading

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