What Happened with the Northwestern Football Case?

As many of you probably know, last week a National Labor Relations Board Administrative Judge released an opinion declaring that Northwestern University football players are considered university employees and, as such, were free to unionize. Opponents of the NCAA, and opponents of division one college sports, such as myself, all applauded (for background look here and here). If the judge’s ruling stands–we won’t know if it will for at least two years, as that’s how long it will take for the appeal process to play itself out–it will most likely revolutionize college sports and be a huge step towards eroding the NCAA’s practice of enriching itself on the backs of these players.

I’ve been trying to write a post for quite some time about college sports, but it’s never been any good. As a former division three varsity athlete, I thought I would have some pretty illustrative points to make about college sports. But then Tanner sent me this exceptional piece about the Northwestern ruling, which brought up so many of the points I’d been trying to make.

(As an aside, several days later Sports Illustrated released this piece, detailing the years in which the Haverford College Men’s Basketball team endured an embarrassingly long losing streak. While not the most illustrative article for division three sports, it’s just a good sports story about my school.

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