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Working Out at Work: A Decent Way to Waste Time

As we’ve chronicled (or, more to the point, whined about ad nauseam) here at this blog, working in an office from 9 to 5—or 8:30 to 4:30, or 7:20 to 3:45, or whatever your particular schedule may be—can be rough. … Continue reading

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Reparations, Continued.

In our last post, we discussed Ta-Nehisi Coates’ essay, The Case for Reparations. In it, Coates matter-of-factly describes the history of racism inflicted on black Americans by American government and society. It was an incredibly long piece, and Tanner touched on it a … Continue reading

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A Case for Reparations?

A few weeks ago, the writer Ta-Nehisi Coates published an essay detailing the long, shameful history of the U.S. government’s racist policies towards black Americans. The essay, which appeared in the Atlantic (for which Coates also writes a blog), straight-forwardly … Continue reading

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