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A Baltimore Crab Feast

What do you do when you’re sitting by a person—a person you met about 10 minutes ago—and you realize that not only does the person have corn and pepper kernels lodged in his teeth, but also a strange orange substance smeared across his face, from … Continue reading

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The Terror That Strikes At Night

Meet Happy the Dog: my family’s 13-year-old golden retriever who is, bar none, the smartest and craftiest dog I’ve ever known. Golden retrievers are known as family friendly dogs: docile, sweet, and good-natured. Happy is all of those things during … Continue reading

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“Well . . . This is It”

Today was my last day at the first job I’ve worked since law school. And, I’d imagine, it was pretty typical of last days at work in offices all over the world. There were plenty of awkward goodbyes, a few sincere … Continue reading

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Got … Meat?

Sometimes it’s all about the food. And two weeks ago, when we sojourned to Kansas City for a mid-summer vacation, it was all about the food. As you may or may not know, Kansas City is world-famous for its bbq: … Continue reading

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Stunning Fact of the Day

It comes from Jeffrey Toobin’s New Yorker essay, “This is My Jail,” about the infamous Baltimore City jail known as BCDC. Here you go: Seventy-five percent of the six hundred and fifty correctional officers in the facility were women, and, … Continue reading

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What We’re Cooking: Refried Beans

First of all, it’s impossible to discuss refried beans without pointing out the obvious: it’s hard to come up with a more unappetizing adjective for a dish than “refried.” Right? Nonetheless, refried beans were, for me, a nice treat I … Continue reading

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