“Well . . . This is It”

Today was my last day at the first job I’ve worked since law school. And, I’d imagine, it was pretty typical of last days at work in offices all over the world. There were plenty of awkward goodbyes, a few sincere farewells, countless sign-off emails . . . and the familiar sensation of sitting at a desk with nothing to do. As last days go, it was a pretty good one, I suppose.

The best part of the day was also pretty typical. I got taken out to lunch by two of my (now former) bosses, Baltimore judges whom I like and respect a great deal. We went to a nice little seafood joint on the Inner Harbor–just a couple of judges and me, hittin’ the town. I got the fish and chips; they got crab cakes. I spent most of the meal chiding myself for not ordering the crab cakes (I was first to order, and was not paying), but the fish and chips were good. We chatted–about my experience as a clerk, about their experience with asinine Baltimore lawyers, about all kinds of stuff. It was entirely pleasant. A year isn’t enough time to really get to know a person, but it is enough time to figure out how to keep a conversation going.

(The worst part of the day, by the way, was having to awkwardly hug a judge who I didn’t actually do much work for and don’t know that well, but who nevertheless came right in for the hug while I was sitting down. I had to half-stand and do an awful little twist-hug. There were other people watching. Not a good moment.)

At 4:30, without fanfare or melodrama, I packed up my book-bag and walked home.

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5 Responses to “Well . . . This is It”

  1. notorious s.t.u. says:

    good luck in the future!!! what is next???

    • Tanner says:

      Thanks! I’m headed to D.C. to work in the General Counsel’s office of a federal agency that assists veterans. It’s the result of a shotgun-style job application process this spring. No matter–I will take it. Plus Carolyn and I get to ride the train together, both to and from the city, which may be the best part!

  2. rosie49 says:

    Here’s a toast to new beginnings!

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