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“Clear Law”: A Debate

While on the subject of government and the law, I’d like to point you towards an intelligent article in the Atlantic about laws, regulations, and the devil in the details of American bureaucracy. Its thesis—“a decades-long obsession with writing excessively … Continue reading

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What We’re Cooking: Tuna Fish Sandwiches

Monday nights are not meant for cooking. While in theory it seems that you’d be the most rested and energetic Monday evenings, it’s somehow never true in practice. But you still need to eat, and on Mondays, especially, it pays … Continue reading

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The Constitution, for Better or Worse

Debating the Constitution tends to be a fraught endeavor. There’s something about that hallowed document–it can make us by turns furious and ecstatic, it can excite our intellectual curiosity, but regardless, it’s rare that a conversation about the Constitution doesn’t touch something deep … Continue reading

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Healthcare Fraud, Just Down the Block

A short story about why I’m so annoyed today: In the beginning of January, I took advantage of the new provisions in Obamacare to go to the doctor for my yearly, free, routine physical. Before I went, I called the … Continue reading

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Stunning Fact(s) of the Day

The first and second facts of the day are courtesy of Nicholas Kristof: (1) “The net worth of the average black household in the United States is $6,314, compared with $110,500 for the average white household, according to 2011 census data. … Continue reading

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