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What We’re Cooking: Candy Onions

This Thanksgiving, my grandfather arrived at the house bearing a surprise: a half bushel of delicious cameo apples and a bunch of candy onions straight from the Amish produce auction. After gorging all day Thursday, we took more than our fair … Continue reading

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Shakespeare on the Train

I’ve been taking the train down to DC for work for three months now, and one of the pleasantly surprising side effects of this arrangement is the guaranteed block of reading time every morning. There’s something lovely about a good … Continue reading

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Plenty of Hygge in Baltimore

My brother, who studied abroad in Denmark last year, recently sent me an article about a word that’s become a new, personal, favorite: hygge. Hygge* is a Danish concept that, not literally translated, means “fireplace warmth with candles and family and friends … Continue reading

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Drought in Sao Paulo

About a year ago, we wrote about the looming inevitability of a two degree global temperature increase within this century—an increase we couldn’t exceed without irreversible and catastrophic climate events.* In short, scientists have estimated that, in order to stay … Continue reading

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Feeling Green

In all of the political round-ups I’ve read in the past few days, the one headline that’s stood out (after some variation of “Democrats Got Trounced”) is the one proclaiming that the environment is the real loser of the election. Unfortunately, it’s … Continue reading

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What We’re Cooking: Homemade Grilled Cheese

Suddenly it’s November, and temperatures are dropping all around the Northern Hemisphere. When the going gets cold, there’s nothing like a toasted, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth grilled cheese sandwich to warm your blood. This morning, as Carolyn and I awoke to a blustery … Continue reading

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