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In Advance of the Republican Debate…

The Republicans have another debate tomorrow night. Accordingly, (especially now that Rand is gone) I expect much talk of carpet bombing ISIS, and putting American combat troops on the ground here, there, and everywhere, and, generally speaking, each candidate making … Continue reading

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Why this Millennial Female Doesn’t Support Hillary: Part One

Every Friday, Diane Rehm hosts her weekly domestic politics hour on NPR. This past Friday, the question of the hour was why millennial women weren’t supporting Hillary. Despite the fact that the roundtable participants explained in detail why their millennial daughters were … Continue reading

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Snowzilla 2016 Musings: Is Michael Pollan’s Advice That Useful?

A few weeks ago, the Obama administration released its updated dietary guidelines. The guidelines directed Americans to consume more fiber and vegetables and reduce added sugar. I read many articles on the guidelines, and most of the articles concluded that the guidelines were … Continue reading

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Year of the Pulse

2016. In Chinese circles, it’s known as the Year of the Monkey. In astrology circles, it’s known as the Year of Fire and Passion. In United Nations circles, it’s known as the Year of the Pulse. For those of you … Continue reading

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The Explainer: New York City’s Man and Woman of the Year

Blood cancer, unquestionably, is not the most cheerful of topics. Yet statistics such as these—an individual in the US is diagnosed with blood cancer every three minutes; more than 176,000 new blood cancer cases will be diagnosed in the US … Continue reading

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Splurges Worthy of the .1%

Several months ago, Tanner’s parents asked me to identify the splurges I would make if I were Oprah Winfrey-style rich. It was an interesting question at the time, and I’ve pondered it off and on since then. What would I … Continue reading

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What We’re Cooking: White Whole Wheat Flour

Our version of eating healthily is all about finding vegetable-loaded healthy recipes that we like just as much as their non-healthy counter-parts (creative, I know).* Basil pesto loaded down with a pound of parmesan cheese is phenomenal. But so is … Continue reading

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Year of the Goat

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Friday contains just the faintest hint of a depressing aura because subconsciously I know it’s seven whole days before the next Friday; Saturday causes the depressing aura to blossom, what with Monday … Continue reading

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Yes, Russell Wilson, Blame God for Those Interceptions

It’s Super Bowl time, and almost lost amidst the delightful tomfoolery of Deflate-gate, were comments made by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson after his team’s—in football terms, anyway—miraculous comeback win over the Green Bay Packers last Sunday in the NFC … Continue reading

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What We’re Cooking: Spicy Sweet Potato and Green Rice Burrito Salad Bowls

When it comes to eating, it’s hard to hit the fine line between being “stuffed” and “satisfied.” More often than not, my eating habits lean toward the former, as I tend to gorge upon a tasty meal as long as there’s more … Continue reading

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