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Plenty of Hygge in Baltimore

My brother, who studied abroad in Denmark last year, recently sent me an article about a word that’s become a new, personal, favorite: hygge. Hygge* is a Danish concept that, not literally translated, means “fireplace warmth with candles and family and friends … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Build a Wal-Mart Near My House?

In an attempt to keep abreast of what’s going on in our neighborhood, we recently joined an online community that consists of a bunch of message-boards upon which people–many of whom seemingly have nothing else to do all day long–post a lot of messages. … Continue reading

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The Constitution, for Better or Worse

Debating the Constitution tends to be a fraught endeavor. There’s something about that hallowed document–it can make us by turns furious and ecstatic, it can excite our intellectual curiosity, but regardless, it’s rare that a conversation about the Constitution doesn’t touch something deep … Continue reading

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Healthcare Fraud, Just Down the Block

A short story about why I’m so annoyed today: In the beginning of January, I took advantage of the new provisions in Obamacare to go to the doctor for my yearly, free, routine physical. Before I went, I called the … Continue reading

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A Baltimore Crab Feast

What do you do when you’re sitting by a person—a person you met about 10 minutes ago—and you realize that not only does the person have corn and pepper kernels lodged in his teeth, but also a strange orange substance smeared across his face, from … Continue reading

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Merge like a Decent Human Being, Please

I read something horribly discouraging yesterday, something that shook the very foundations of my being. But before I get into that, let’s start with a scenario. Say you’re driving on the highway, gliding smoothly along at 68 mph, when you … Continue reading

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Welcome Back

In the fall of my second year of law school, Friday mornings began with Evidence class at 8 am. I’d stumble, bleary-eyed, into the classroom at 7:58, hustle up the amphitheater steps to my seat next to Carolyn (Evidence was … Continue reading

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Opening Day

2:13 pm This weekend was rainy in Baltimore. By “rainy” I mean it rained non-stop, day and night, and it rained hard. From the time we got out of bed on Saturday morning until the time we got into bed … Continue reading

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And Then We Bought a House.

I love to plan. Seriously, I love, love, love to plan. I plan for every contingency I can think of (no matter how unforeseeable); I plan for other people; and every so often I make fake plans (it’s fun to … Continue reading

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First Comes Marriage, then Comes … a House?

As you may know by now, Carolyn and I have been living in Baltimore since September, in a little apartment in the lovely neighborhood of Mount Vernon. We love the place; we love Mount Vernon; we love everything about where … Continue reading

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