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Drought in Sao Paulo

About a year ago, we wrote about the looming inevitability of a two degree global temperature increase within this century—an increase we couldn’t exceed without irreversible and catastrophic climate events.* In short, scientists have estimated that, in order to stay … Continue reading

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Feeling Green

In all of the political round-ups I’ve read in the past few days, the one headline that’s stood out (after some variation of “Democrats Got Trounced”) is the one proclaiming that the environment is the real loser of the election. Unfortunately, it’s … Continue reading

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Why Is The Keystone Pipeline So Bad?

In the midst of rapidly developing events in Crimea, it’s easy to forget about Alberta, Canada. In Alberta, there are more species of wildlife than almost anywhere else in the world. This Canadian province hosts 587 different species, including 411 … Continue reading

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The Power of Two Degrees (Celsius)

In 2007, scientists at National Geographic predicted that if we failed to make drastic, global-scale changes to our environmental behavior by 2014, the damage would be irreversible: fundamental characteristics of the environment—such as a raised sea level; damage to the … Continue reading

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