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The Great Norwegian Christmas Tree Fraud

It’s suddenly December, and before I was even prepared for it decorations have appeared out of nowhere, Christmas music fills the air, and we’ve all begun to be inundated with those stupid Lexus $50K-SUV-with-a-red-bow-on-top ads. Ah, yes, it’s time for … Continue reading

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Shakespeare on the Train

I’ve been taking the train down to DC for work for three months now, and one of the pleasantly surprising side effects of this arrangement is the guaranteed block of reading time every morning. There’s something lovely about a good … Continue reading

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Merge like a Decent Human Being, Please

I read something horribly discouraging yesterday, something that shook the very foundations of my being. But before I get into that, let’s start with a scenario. Say you’re driving on the highway, gliding smoothly along at 68 mph, when you … Continue reading

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My Solution(s) To My Work World Problems

Apparently, it’s no secret that my millennial generation is entitled. I’m sure my last blog post, had we any readers, would have caused many of them to shake their heads, stroke their chins, and mutter self-righteously about our entitled generation. … Continue reading

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A Commuter’s Journey

Tanner and I leave our apartment at 4:44 every morning. We blearily stumble down five flights of stairs and head to the train station. Thirteen minutes later, on the train platform (with Tanner on his way back to bed), I … Continue reading

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