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Excellent Women and Wonder Boys: Book Reviews

There’s a scene in the late stages of Excellent Women, a 1952 novel by the mostly-unknown English writer Barbara Pym, which made me laugh harder than I’ve laughed in a long time. In the scene, the heroine, Mildred Lathbury, is … Continue reading

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Brooklyn: A Book Review

Tanner sips books; I inhale them. While Tanner pauses to re-read beautiful sentences multiple times, I rush happily along past those sentences, trying to fall more deeply and more viscerally into the story. For that reason, every time I open … Continue reading

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Stoner: A Book Review

Have you ever heard of the novel Stoner, by John Williams? Chances are you haven’t. I stumbled across it in law school while reading a blog, bought it on an impulse, and ever since it has been my favorite novel.* … Continue reading

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The Sportswriter: A Review

Richard Ford’s The Sportswriter is, to put it one way, the story of a man, Frank Bascombe, who is in the process of losing things. He is losing his family (he’s divorced), his youth (he’s nearing 40), and, increasingly, his … Continue reading

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