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Snowzilla 2016 Musings: Is Michael Pollan’s Advice That Useful?

A few weeks ago, the Obama administration released its updated dietary guidelines. The guidelines directed Americans to consume more fiber and vegetables and reduce added sugar. I read many articles on the guidelines, and most of the articles concluded that the guidelines were … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Build a Wal-Mart Near My House?

In an attempt to keep abreast of what’s going on in our neighborhood, we recently joined an online community that consists of a bunch of message-boards upon which people–many of whom seemingly have nothing else to do all day long–post a lot of messages. … Continue reading

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A Day of Grocery Stores

When you enter a grocery store, you’re hit with smells–coffee beans, spices, fish from the fish counter, bread from the baker–and the endless possibilities of all the different foods you might buy. I love this experience, and I love going … Continue reading

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