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Stiltsville: A Review

Miami conjures evocative pictures of color, allure, and drama, like Las Vegas on the water. Because of this, Susanna Daniels’ Stiltsville, set in Miami, is even more surprising. Stiltsville, to borrow again from Philip Larkin, is an “ordinary sane novel … Continue reading

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And Then We Bought a House.

I love to plan. Seriously, I love, love, love to plan. I plan for every contingency I can think of (no matter how unforeseeable); I plan for other people; and every so often I make fake plans (it’s fun to … Continue reading

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The Vatican Shifts: It’s All About the Love

Thomas Jefferson thought Jesus was the world’s greatest moral philosopher. Jefferson scoured versions of the New Testament in four different languages, highlighted and cut out everything Jesus said about morality, love, and goodness … and excised all the passages about … Continue reading

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Brooklyn: A Book Review

Tanner sips books; I inhale them. While Tanner pauses to re-read beautiful sentences multiple times, I rush happily along past those sentences, trying to fall more deeply and more viscerally into the story. For that reason, every time I open … Continue reading

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A New Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but given that Carolyn has been churning out a manifesto over the past few days, we haven’t had a chance to write about it. So, consider this our Thanksgiving Post. Last Wednesday, Carolyn and I … Continue reading

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What’s Your Name, Again?

Exactly three months ago, Tanner and I were floating in the waters off the Gulf of Mexico in Anna Maria Island, Florida. We were chuckling to ourselves over how successful the wedding had been: it hadn’t rained; the weather had … Continue reading

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How Many Homes Do You Have?

Last weekend, Tanner and I went “home” to hang out with my youngest sister and watch the family dog while my parents went to a conference in Pittsburgh. It was a wonderful weekend: Elizabeth catered to our every need by … Continue reading

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