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“Clear Law”: A Debate

While on the subject of government and the law, I’d like to point you towards an intelligent article in the Atlantic about laws, regulations, and the devil in the details of American bureaucracy. Its thesis—“a decades-long obsession with writing excessively … Continue reading

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Please, Congress, Build Us More Prisons

This post reflects my own personal views and not the views of DOJ or any other federal agency.  Our prisons have serious problems: they’re overcrowded; they confine far too many non-violent offenders for far too long, and our methods of … Continue reading

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Why It’s Time to Betray My Iowa Heritage (Sort of)

I’ve always loved the idea of the Iowa caucuses. They conjure an image, don’t they? You can see them now, those gentle, unassuming Iowans shuffling through the snow on their way to the local library or high school gymnasium; presidential … Continue reading

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