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Then We Came to the End: A Book Review

After I read a good book, I Google it to see what the reviewers wrote. Ordinarily, I discover a general consensus. With Then We Came to the End, by Joshua Ferris, the critics diverged. Either they found it a great … Continue reading

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What Would Teddy Roosevelt Say?

During NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, viewers were treated to a mind-blindingly monotonous collection of commercials. One of them, however, particularly appealed to me: the commercial starring the guy from Minority Report (otherwise known as actor Neal McDonough) in which … Continue reading

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A Day of House-Husbandry

Yesterday, I assumed the role of house husband. I greatly enjoyed it. It began with the snow storm on Wednesday night, about which seemingly the entire eastern seaboard lost its collective mind, from the Carolinas up to New England. No … Continue reading

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My Solution(s) To My Work World Problems

Apparently, it’s no secret that my millennial generation is entitled. I’m sure my last blog post, had we any readers, would have caused many of them to shake their heads, stroke their chins, and mutter self-righteously about our entitled generation. … Continue reading

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